CMS has provided its expertise in the sector of Transportation Engineering in past, and are actively looking to build more experience in the sector.


Recent Projects

RCC Retaining Wall and Service Road along the left bank of Mahakali River

Client: Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention, Government of Nepal

CMS carried out Design Review, Contract Management and Construction Supervision and Quality Control of Counterfort type RCC Retaining Wall and Service Road along the left bank of Mahakali River.

Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihoods Project

Client: Asian Development Bank

CMS undertook the following aspects of the project: (i) rural incomes uplifting through increased employment, skills training and improved access to credit for the rural poor; (ii) capacity building and decentralized governance, including addressing corruption concerns; and (iii) fostering rural transport connectivity and complementary community infrastructure investments.

Road Maintenance and Development Project

Client: Department of Roads, The World Bank

The proposed study aimed at identifying a transport network in the country and preparation of Sector wide Priority Investment Plan for 20 roads (including 16 roads for upgrading totaling 812 km and one 88 km long road for new construction) comprising both strategic and feeder roads that will bring all inhabited areas of Nepal and provide all weather motorable access within four hours walk in the hills and two hours walk in the Terai part of Nepal.