CMS has provided its expertise for the restructuring/strengthening of existing government institutions, agriculture extension, evaluation study, sectoral performance review, etc. The assignments were focused to enhancement of productivity and sustainability of FMIS; establishment of network for competitive and innovative agricultural value chains; commercialization of agriculture, appropriate strategies and implementation modalities including institutional set-up to promote decentralized agriculture service delivery system; potential high value commodities supply chain; crop diversification and commercialization; agricultural land reclamation; flood damage rehabilitation including reviving agricultural land fertility and restoration of livelihood. 

Recent Projects

Nepal Livestock Sector Innovation Project

Client: The World Bank/Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

Key aspect of the project is to adopt approaches for effective market linkage, response to national demand of livestock and livestock products, value chain linkages, knowledge based management for scaling up of research results and innovations, gender and youth inclusion, awareness on nutrition, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, adapting climate smart agriculture, private sector and citizen engagement for the sustainability of the project.

DPR preparation for the infrastructure development of Agriculture Market

Client: Government of Nepal

Major objective of the project is to prepare detail project plan of the agriculture wholesale market and collection centers in various cities of Nepal.

End Line Survey of PACT

Client: The World Bank and Government of Nepal

The main objective of the study was to track changes in income status, firm productivity and a variety of other business development outcomes and track changes in human development and productivity outcomes. Direct beneficiaries might include members of the farmer group that received the grant as a sub¬project, for example; or of members of the household of the firm manager who received the grant

Agriculture Development Strategy Program (ADSP)

Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

ASDP is a national sectoral strategy of Nepal for the period 2015-2035. The overall objective of the ADS includes five dimensions of increased food and nutrition security, poverty reduction, competitiveness, higher and more equitable income of rural households, and strengthened farmers’ rights.

Emergency Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project

Client: Asian Development Bank and Government of Nepal

The main objective of the project was to restore livelihoods of the flood affected households through reviving of agriculture, skills and capacity development, support on off-farm income generation activities, and rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructures in 22 most flood-affected village development committees of the project districts.

Regional Technical Support Group for Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade

Client: The World Bank and Government of Nepal

The objective of the project was to help farmers group and cooperative engaged in profitable market-oriented production to access the market through improved provision of technology and information services and critical public infrastructure and linkages to agribusiness.